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"No interactive design expert in the world holds a candle to Marney. I've commissioned her many times over the last 22 years and I keep coming back, because I am thoroughly pleased with the results, user response, and quality." 

                                       Eric Goldfarb 
                                       One of ComputerWorld Magazine's Premier 100 IT Leaders

"Marney has an unparalleled understanding of how users interact with complex systems.
Like Dr. Seuss's character the Lorax, who speaks for the trees, Marney speaks for the users. Her profound understanding of user needs, combined with her understanding of technology, enables the design transcendence we all strive to achieve. Marney sees the big picture, then works collaboratively across departments and hierarchies to design and shepherd a project to completion. She's great with everybody-executives, engineers, designers, marketers, and outside vendors".

                                     George Smirnoff
                                     Morgan Stanley, VP Information Security

"Marney brings warmth, humanity and effortless grace to the study of the man/machine interface. She comes at brain-numbing problems from unique, oblique angles, often identifying problems and seeing solutions that other people don't.  

Cyndi Stivers
                                     Editor-in-Chief, Columbia Journalism Review
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