For almost 30 years, Animatrix has pioneered the design of engaging interfaces. We make complicated things simple. Since the first Guided Tour of the Macintosh, we've created successful large-scale projects for Apple, Clinique, The Limited, the Walt Disney Company, BearingPoint, AT&T, NewsCorp, Domino's Pizza, JP Morgan Chase and PRGX to name a few. We've shipped over 300 projects for Fortune 100 & 500 companies.

We've also provided strategic insight to KPMG, Walt Disney Imagineering, ABC, the National Academy of Sciences and others.

We can help you with any large interactive problem, Our experience in deepest in the areas of data visualization, complex corporate sites, interfaces for large back end systems, and brand building. We're good at solving complex puzzles.

Our proces is simple and is based on building agreement among all participants. We frequently prototype interactive screens- so that everyone can see the outcome in advance -saving time, money and effort.

We can help you unstick stalled projects or build the groundwork for successful new projects. We can work with and mentor your team, or bring in additional talent as needed. Our goal is to create custom solutions for you that are engaging, efficient, elegant and profitable.

Marney Morris, founder of Animatrix, has been a speaker at TED, MIT, Art Center and at other select conferences, and has taught a popular course on Interactive Design at Stanford University. Share some of Marney's thoughts on interactive design at
Animatrix is about engagement.